Newborn Essentials Checklist (Indian version)

New born essentials checklist (Indian version)

Hello to all new moms or moms to be out there. When my baby was about to be born, I was scouring through the net for an Indian version of the newborn essentials checklist but mostly found western versions of the same and I thought that an Indian version with all the product links would be great. So, here I am going to share my newborn essentials checklist with you all. This is an Indian list and also has product links and options which you can easily add to your shopping cart. This newborn essentials checklist consists of absolute necessary items for your little bundle of joy. Please note this list does not have “good to have” items, only the bare necessities. A big shout out to Firstcry here as you will find all the baby essentials on this website. I frequently use Firstcry for all my needs with my baby.

So the first category here is just the daily essentials when you have a new born baby.

  1. Bassinet/rockers/baby cribs: If you are planning to co-sleep with your baby then probably you wouldn’t need baby cribs especially in the first three months. Afterwards, you could take a conscious decision whether you want a crib or not. My suggestion would be that don’t invest in a crib right away because little ones do not like sleeping all by themselves. My little one actively started revolting being put to sleep in a crib at around three months and since then we have been co sleeping. For now, it seems like I wasted thousands of rupees on a crib which is now being used to dump clothes. However, you could either invest in a bassinet or rockers for baby so that you could comfortable place the baby in a rocker or a bassinet while doing your daily chores. Some options for you are here.
  2. nail clippers: Newborn nails grow so fast that you wouldn’t even realize it. How much ever you are scared to chop off your baby’s nails, you will need nail clippers for your little one because they grow like crazy. Some options are listed here.
  3. comb set: an absolute essential if your baby has very few hair. Gently massing with a comb will help improve the blood circulation as well. Some options are listed here.
  4. diaper rash cream with zinc or titanium oxide: This is an absolute must if you are planning to use disposable diapers for your baby. Before every change, you should apply a diaper rash cream which has zinc or titanium oxide in it. I am using Mustela diaper rash cream for my baby but you can try diaper rash cream from great brands like Sebamed, Cetaphil as well.
  5. Diapers: If you plan to use disposable diapers, you could try any of the brands available the market. I like and use Pampers but I did not not using pant style diapers for my 3-6 month old baby as many a times the pee would somehow come out from even though my baby is wearing a diaper and would soil the clothes. I would recommend pants style diapers when your baby is being potty trained. So, in the mean while, you can use scotch diapers. Furthermore, if you want to give your baby diaper free time, you can use cloth diapers available in the Indian market. Please find my post on Cloth Diapers- Why, When and How to use?
  6. soft cotton pads: These hygiene pads will be your go to if you have to wipe you baby’s lips, face, baby’s private parts.
  7. baby wipes: I can’t even stress on the importance of baby wipes. For wiping your baby’s poop to face, they are an absolute must. But please avoid fragranced wipes for your little one. I love and use the Mother Sparsh 99% pure water baby wipes for my kid. They are not fragranced, plant based and pure water wipes.
  8. quick dry sheets: In the initial days, babies spend a lot of the time on bed which means a lot of pooping and peeing on the bed. These are an absolute must. Some of the options are here.
  9. baby massage oil: massage helps to grow baby’s bones, muscles, etc. Massing your baby also helps create bonding between mom and the little one. Here’s my honest and non sponsored review of the moms co baby massage oil.
  10. cotton buds and coconut oil: This is a trick I learnt from I care my child youtube channel. This channel is being run by a pediatrician and I learnt that if you apply coconut oil to ear buds, it becomes very easy to clean baby’s nose. This is an effective and harmless way to clean your baby’s nose and trust me, you’ll have to use this method quite often. Link to the video can be found here. Trust me, you would not need an aspirator post using this technique.
  11. breast pump: Be it manual or electric breast pump, make sure to buy one. Please find my article on why new and working moms need a breast pump in their lives. Philips Avent Electric breast pump is a great buy and I have been loving and using it for the past 5 months. Please find my honest review here and why breast pumps are absolutely necessary here.

Baby clothes/blankets/swaddles: You do not need a lot of baby clothes because I believe that spending money on too many clothes is a waste. Kids outgrow their clothes pretty fast, hence please save some money as you will have to keep on upgrading your baby’s wardrobe every 3-4 months. Some of the brands that I loved for baby clothes are (all of them are available at Firstcry)- Babyhug, Babyoye, Carter, Mom’s love, Child World, Zero and Simply. One brand I love from Myntra is Nauti nati.

  1. Sleep suits: 3 sets of sleep suits are enough for your newborn. Also, I used to follow this ritual wherein I changed my baby’s clothes in the night time into a sleep suit. This helped her understand the difference between day and night. 
  2. Front open button down shirt and pyjama sets: 3 to 4 sets are more than enough. You can buy the top and the bottom separately or as a set as well. But please make sure that the top is a front open button down shirt as it becomes very easy to dress up the baby at least for the first 6 months. Also, if you are in a city like Bangalore, it would be better if you get full sleeves top for your baby because of the cold weather. 
  3. Vests: These are really good if you want to add a layer to your baby’s clothes. Plain as well as printed colorful ones are available at Firstcry. 
  4. 2-3 pairs of fancy/going out clothes: In the first 6months, you wouldn’t need more than 2-3 pairs of fancy clothes for your babies. So, it would be better if you do not over buy.   
  5. soft cotton hats/bonnet caps: In the initial months, babies are not able to regulate their body temperature, hence it is advisable to keep the baby warm. Also, keeping a baby warm helps them with their weight gain. So soft cotton caps or bonnet caps are are must for babies. Buy 2-3 caps and please make sure that you get your baby used to caps from the very beginning otherwise babies will rebel when you try to induce that habit later on. 
  6. 2 pairs of newborn socks
  7. Cloth nappies: These are a must if you are not planning on keeping your baby on disposable diapers 24X7 then cloth nappies are a must. I love love the cloth nappies from Superbottoms. The material is soft and they are made of certified organic cotton. Please stock up on these for your baby.
  8. baby swaddle wraps: Now swaddling is a debatable topic in every household. You would want to swaddle your baby but your elders would advice against it as it restricts movement in babies but swaddling also helps with the startle in babies. This is a topic for another day if you do want to swaddle your baby, soft cotton swaddles are available on Firstcy. You can check them out.
  9. 6-8 wash cloths and burping cloths for babies: These are super essential for babies and infants as well. These are a must have and instead of using baby wipes every time, it would be better if you have cotton wash cloths for babies and keep washing them. Good for the wallet and the environment as well.
  10. blankets and cover ups: A soft cotton Doha would be good enough for your baby for the summer months and a slightly heavy/fleece for the winter. Please note that while buying, the size of the blankets should be large so that babies do not outgrow these very quickly. You should be able to use them for longer, hence buy larger.
  11. Cloth dryer: This is a product that will use every single day. Some of the options are here.

Bathing essentials:

  1. bath tub: You might not need this right away because moms prefer to bathe their kids on their laps or on a thick towel in the initial days but when you plan to buy one, make sure that it has attachments which can be removed so that the tub can be removed later on. The one I use for my baby can be found here. A great product from Babyhug.
  2. baby liquid body cleanser/shampoo and body lotion: I got these from Mamaearth and like their products and have no complaints so far. Please note that I do not use a baby powder for my baby.
  3. baby face cream: I use the protective facial cream from Sebamed. A great product and I love it so much that I have a back-up bottle as well. Also, helps with drooling rashes. You can order the cream from Firstcry here.
  4. one towel for baby

This is my newborn essentials checklist. Hope this helps and please let me know if I missed out on anything.


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