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Honest Reviews: Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump

The initial days post delivery are tough as the mom is recovering and becomes even more difficult when babies do not latch onto the breast. Trust me, it’s not easy. My baby developed jaundice 3 days after my delivery. She was already an underweight baby due to complications (a topic for another day) and lost around 11% of her birth weight in the first two days. She was not latching well, I was not getting enough sleep as I had to feed the baby every two hours. It was all so tough. That’s when Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump came to my rescue. This is an honest and non sponsored review as I love this breast pump so much. It has become a part of my daily mom life.

Why do you require a breast pump: I can’t even stress on the importance of breast pump for new moms. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  1. To get some time off from your hectic feeding schedule: Your husband or your other family members could help you in feeding your newborn. It will provide you a sigh of relief as you are already struggling with latching issues and your recovery post delivery.
  2. Helps you measure the amount of milk required to feed your baby: In the initial days, doctors recommend that the baby should drink 20-30ml of milk every two hours. Breast pump helps you measure so that you do not overfeed or underfeed your baby. Also, helps you assess whether your milk supply is adequate or not.
  3. Manual pump requires a lot of energy to express milk: Electric Breast pumps can save you from continuously using both the hands to express milk. Also, you can express from one side and feed the baby from the other breast when using an electric breast pump.
  4. Helps you increase your milk supply and maintain your supply in the future: Sometimes babies might not be able to finish up the breast completely. In such a scenario, pumping out the leftover milk helps boost the supply. Trust me, a good supply will definitely help you when you want to resume your work and use as minimum formula as possible.
  5. Prevents clogged ducts while breastfeeding: Sometimes, one might feel some inflammation in the breasts or upon examining, one might also feel that the ducts are clogged. In such a scenario, pumping out the milk really helps and can clear out the clogged ducts. If clogged ducts are not emptied, it can lead to inflammation, fever or even mastitis.
  6. Helps you store milk in the refrigerator- a must for working moms: This is for moms returning to work. An electric breast pump would help you in storing the milk easily and quickly when you are tired after work. This will also help in reducing the amount of formula you would have to use for your baby while you are away.
  7. Saves you from the problem of lopsided breasts: In many cases, the milk supply from one breast is more than the other. When this happens, there is a risk of lopsided breasts. Breast pumps come in really handy in such a situation. You can pump away the breast with lower supply one and gradually increase the supply.

Why Philips? I love Philips as a brand and I am satisfied with each and every product I have used till date. Also, Philips products are really good quality. The ecosystem built around the Philips Avent Electric breast pump is also very convenient. The Philips natural feeding bottles (which are available in various sizes online) are compatible with the breast pump (one bottle will never be enough) and are very high quality, mimic a mother’s breast, anti-colic and BPA free. Plus, various breast pump parts, teats, etc. are also available online which can and should be replaced frequently.

What do you get? A main adapter which has one button for stimulation and three modes for expression, diaphragm, soft massage cushion, a bottle with nipple and cap and a manual. After expressing the milk, the bottle can be used as a feeding bottle as well. All the Philips Avent Natural Feeding bottles are comparable with the breast pump which is a huge plus. Also, the massage cushion is very gentle on the breast and does not make your breasts sore.

Parts to sterilize: The parts that require sterilization are not not many. You will have to sterilize the bottle, nipple, cushion and diaphragm. It is better to quickly scan the manual which has a detailed picture of which parts to sterilize. But trust me, they are not many and won’t be a hassle sterilizing.

Compared to Medela single electric breast pump: I have not used the Medela breast pump but have heard good reviews about Medela pump as well. But, I have been using Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump for almost 5 months now and I really love this product. Also, this is cheaper compared to the Medela one, hence good for your wallet as well. I highly recommend that you check out the Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump.

Where can you buy Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump? I got my Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump from Firstcry at a bargain. The pump is also available online on Flipkart and Amazon. If you are a mom to be, keep looking out for great deals.

Final Verdict: In my post, I have detailed that why breast pumps are needed and why Electric Breast pump is better. But, for those who think that it is expensive and can’t afford an electric breast pump, they can go for manual breast pump as well. They are also effective and almost one tenth the price of an electric one but obviously you lose out on the convenience. I have used a manual pump as well (Pigeon) and let me know if you would like a review of that. However, Philips Avent is great for working moms-A MUST HAVE!


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