About Us

Hello Everyone,

I am Akanksha and I live in Bangalore, India. I am married and have a daughter and also a full time professional. Apart from the baby and my job, I hardly get time to do anything else but I have recently started blogging as it is a creative outlet for me. I am an over analyzer and a google geek and I research whatever I don’t know on google be it how to change a diaper or even open an investment account. I believe that for every woman financial independence is important and one should try to do whatever they can to achieve it even if they start small. Through this website and blogs (which I will be publishing in due course), I wish to help some moms like me who are struggling with simple things and are scared as to how to care for their baby in the initial days and the everyday day challenges that come forth. I will also be sharing tips and tricks on traveling, budgeting and the likes. Hope you like my blogs and I am able to help some of you in my own small way.